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Rosengarten and Latemar


The most famous mountain in the legendary region is King Laurin's Rosengarten, which is best enjoyed with a beautiful sunset.

If you want to circle the Rosengarten in about 14 hours, you can do this on your own account or accompanied by an experienced mountaineer such as Hans Kammerlander.

During the day, three different lift facilities will bring you from 1,997 metres to an altitude of 2,339 metres, from where you can choose between enjoying a high mountain hiking trip, do some climbing or a comfortable mountain walk.


Walking through the rocky labyrinth of the Latemar mountain, Agatha Christie was inspired to write ‘The Big Four'. At the foot of the mountain are the most beautiful forests in Europe, including the hazel spruce tree, whose wood is the best-known for building violins and which grows in this unique type of nature. Once you have mastered the long and demanding path up to the Latemar peak, you are immediately awarded with magnificent views to the surrounding mountain world.

Even during the high season, you will find hikers who enjoy the stillness of the Latemar ..... regarding it as a place where you can 'just relax'.

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