One hotel. The Berghaus Rosengarten. Welcome!

Your time. Your stay. Your holiday.
In tune with nature.

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30.06. – 20.10.2024
12.12. – 30.03.2025

inhale silence silcence for the soul
touched by nature

Admire the Rosengarten massif with a smile! Frolic through the meadows and woods.

Take a deep breath in, then out. A haven of tranquillity that leaves room for the things that matter. For the view of the Rosengarten massif, which looks even more imposing among such simplicity. For the forest air that liberates both the lungs and the spirit. For adventure – whether it’s wild and thrilling or a tad more relaxed. But especially for some peace and quiet, for nature and, most importantly, for yourself.

Our values
being active living nature to its fullest
regional products
regional quality
Our philosophy
inhale natures`power
7 facts

A holiday in Welschnofen/Nova Levante under the Rosengarten massif

May we have this dance? Experience, discover and sway in the arms of your holiday. Enjoy a time out in full swing.

The holiday rhythm at the Rosengarten hotel is somewhere between relaxation and action, adventure and settling in. The Berghaus Rosengarten in Welschnofen is your stage, and the Eggental valley Dolomites are your dancefloor. Watch the cows on the Alpine pastures; listen to the sound of silence in the forest. Or climb to the top of the peaks and step over mountain passes. Breathe in the mountain air and breathe out the stress of everyday life. The small hotel with its 13 rooms is your base camp where you return home each evening. It’s where you can feel the warmth in the “Welcome back!” – and sense it in the exquisite cuisine, the fine wines and the creative something-new-every-day breakfast.

Make yourself at home
A room in which you’ll feel right at home. Your room at the Berghaus is cosy. This is where relaxation begins.  
  • 13 unique rooms
  • Each room features a balcony and a great view.
  • Each room has just what you need – no more, no less! But each has a balcony, great views and genuine peace and quiet. A deep sense of relaxation guaranteed!
rooms & suites
  • 13 rooms
  • the small- but- special rooms
  • balcony with view
  • room

A small hotel. A Berghaus. Your time out.

13 rooms. The Rosengarten massif always in sight. And birdsong as background music. This is serenity in nature at its best.


Insider tips

Cycle over a mountain pass. Hike to the top of a peak. Or get a taste of culture in Bolzano. There is so much to see! And even more to experience.

Our insider tips
culinary philosophy


Our cuisine is like us: anything but boring. The something-new-every-day breakfast and dinner-of-the-day provide palate-pleasing delights!

Our culinary philosophy

New 2024

From saunas to a panoramic relaxation room, from a workation office to the forest terrace.

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