Sustainability? Yes. Buzzword? No. We love it, so we protect it.

For us, sustainability is not a buzzword, but something that we want to live – we always have, we always will. The Dolomites are our home, so we do our utmost to protect them. And we ask you to do the same!

Sustainable cuisine

homemade bread

Nature is our main ingredient, especially what grows in the natural world around Welschnofen. We cook everything on our daily changing menus ourselves, while we use local and seasonal produce from local farmers and producers, because they are simply the best. And that goes for the wine too!

By the way, we only use rainwater on our garden – and we only drink Grander spring water from the tap. Follow our example!

regional ingredients

Sustainable mobility

Welschnofen is just a 30-minute ride from Bozen and is fully integrated into the local public transport network. And, if you want to get to more remote destinations, we recommend Car Sharing Südtirol. So you see – travelling by bus or train is no problem at all! We’ll even give you a little reward if you do.

There is a charging station for e-vehicles at the Berghaus, as well as a fast-charging station in the centre of Welschnofen if you need to get going quickly.

Car Sharing

Sustainable building

sustainable construction

There is a hydropower station in Welschnofen that produces the electricity for the Berghaus. We also make use of district heating from the local wood chip plant.

We carried out our recent renovation in the most environmentally friendly way we could, using natural building materials where possible. As an example, the extension was built of wood and the majority of our rooms have wooden furniture.


Sustainable cleaning

We use environmentally friendly, certified cleaning products for cleaning our hotel, which we use as sparingly as possible. The same goes for body care products: the shampoos and soaps provided are all also certified and environmentally friendly.

sustainable cleaning products