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    Relaxation is the
    only – order of the day.

A retreat by the forest
with great views of the Dolomites.

far from the hustle
silence places

Spending time at the Berghaus is the way to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Here, at the edge of the forest, relaxation is the order of the day. It’s practically in the mountain air! And we too can help out a bit, with our little spa, our forest terrace, plenty of space to breathe freely and lots of time to slow down. Don’t dwell on things, forget all the stress. It’s much easier than you think.

touched by nature

made to measure

relax room with panorama

We have built you a relaxation area. With two saunas, for you to sweat all the tension out of your body. With a panoramic quiet room, for views to clear your mind. And with a snack corner, with tea, fresh and dried fruit to provide lasting energy.

We have also built a library. It has reading corners so your mind can rest, books so you can immerse yourself in other people’s stories and forget your own for a while, and desks and plenty of daylight so you can look at your work with fresh eyes.

And we have also taken the TVs and Wi-Fi out of the bedrooms, because you really don’t need them to relax.

forest terrace

Relaxation made by nature

With our forest terrace, we have brought the natural world surrounding the Berghaus closer: a cosy spot from which to peruse the landscape, read a book or soak up the sun. And, if you fancy more exercise, the terrace is also perfect for yoga. For forest bathing, on the other hand, just a few steps away can be found old conifer stands, mosses and lichens – probably the world’s oldest “spa”, right on the doorstep of the mountains!

nature- source of tranquillitycosy places in the nature