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    One mountain hotel.

    Two generations –
    and you. Visitors welcome
    – since 1964.

Klara Zorzi founded the Berghaus Rosengarten in 1964 – back then, simply as a bed and breakfast. Today, Judith, Monika and Horst Gapp are the family’s second and third generations to run the Berghaus, now a hotel. Located at the edge of the Welschnofen forest in the Dolomites, it has been attracting visitors all that time. Small and with just a few rooms – but with enormous heart and passion.

the cheerful face

Judith Gapp

Representing the third generation of the family to run the Berghaus, Judith works alongside her parents. Cheerful by nature, she is also full of its joys – small wonder, as she is surrounded by them! After her husband and two children, her great love is the great outdoors, closely followed by mountain biking. And, as she loves her homeland so much, Judith also knows just the right wine to pair with each and every culinary creation at the Berghaus. Lucky… for you!


the fount of knowledge

Monika Zorzi Gapp

Monika grew up with the Berghaus, as it was her mother who founded it as a bed and breakfast. Today, the garden, the flowerbeds and her role as hostess are her greatest joys. She not only makes sure her flowers at the foot of the Dolomites bloom – she also makes sure her guests want for nothing! She knows practically everything about the surrounding area, from tour tips to queries about the natural world. Lucky… for you!


the muesli maestro

Horst Gapp

Horst has been part of the team at the Berghaus since 1999. And it’s thanks to him that guests today return because of the cooking. A self-taught chef, he has injected new vigour into the cuisine at the Berghaus. With new ideas and new dishes daily, every bite contains plenty of passion! Horst now mainly looks after the breakfast table – with new muesli creations each morning. Lucky… for you!


the lover of details

Veronika Lobis

Judith’s sister-in-law, Veronika has taken over Horst’s job in the Berghaus kitchen – and taken on his creativity. Her passion is to invent new and tasty dishes every day. Not only can you taste her attention to detail, you can admire it in her beautifully presented dishes too. Hers is an appetite for perfection. Lucky… for you!


the pillar of strength

Martin Lobis

Judith’s husband Martin is not only present on family outings into the Welschnofen countryside, he is also a pillar of strength at the Berghaus, perhaps not immediately visible – but that’s just why he is so important. He is ready to offer support to his wife whenever she might need it. And that’s why his presence is lucky… for you!